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Before attempting to connect to WSU Wireless, ensure your PC's clock is correctly set!

The security certificate will be rejected if the clock is off!

FIDs, visitors require a FID to access the wireless network.
Friend ID (FID) accounts are Network IDs to be used by visitors to access the WSU wireless network. The friend needs to be able to access their e-mail account to activate their FID account. When using the FID account remember that the account is the entire e-mail address. In order to access the wireless network someone at WSU needs to authorize access using the link below.
Visitors should setup their FID account before they come to campus, however it may be accomplished on campus as long as the friend has access to their e-mail and can activate the FID.
Create a new FID and sponsor wireless access at this URL. Requires friend to access their e-mail to activate FID.
Sponsor an authorization for a FID for network access at this URL
Request a Friend ID here. Requires friend to access their e-mail to activate FID.
Windows XP, Vista, and 7 Automatic Setup
ITS has instructions: here
Windows 7 Wireless Manual Setup
If your Windows 7 PC does not prompt you for username and password when you attempt to connect, follow this.
Start by clicking on the start ball start ball then enter the text "wireless" in the search box
search box
Select "Manage wireless networks"
Select "Add" to add WSU Wireless
Select "Manually create a network profile"
manually connect
Enter "WSU Wireless", select "WPA2-Enterprise", and AES, then click on "Next"
Open the connection properties to change some settings
Select the "Security" tab
Select "Settings"
Check "connect to these servers:"
Enter: radius.wsu.edu
Scroll down and check "thawte Primary Root CA"
Select "Configure..."
Un-check "Automatically use..."
Select "OK", and "OK" again, and again, then "Close"
This should have added the profile.
Windows 8 and 8.1 maually connect
Windows 8.1 should prompt for password and permission to use certificate, if not, follow this.
From Desktop; Open Start Menu (Windows Key)+X or right click lower left of desktop.
Select Control Panel
Select Network and Sharing Center
Select Setup a new connection or network
Select Manually connect to a wireless network
Follow advice above for windows 7
Windows 8.1 - Remove a wireless profile
You need to remove the profile to remove user credentials used to connect.
Get profile name using: netsh wlan show profiles
Remove the profile using: netsh wlan delete profile name="ProfileName"
   Example: netsh wlan delete profile name="WSU Wireless"
PC uses a 169.254... address instead of getting one from DHCP
  • Shut down wireless and disable/turn off the hardware.
  • Give the command line command: net stop dhcp
  • Restart the PC
  • Restart wireless and connect
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