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Information Technology Services provides a SSL VPN service that allows faculty, staff, students, and sponsored users a quick and easy way to connect securely to the WSU Pullman network from external off-campus unsecured networks. MME often requires the use of the VPN server to connect to software license servers, or to view sections of school web pages.

The WSU VPN server name
SSL VPN Workstation Requirements:
Manual - SSL VPN Client Download and Set-up Instructions (for computers that are unable to complete an automated setup):


The following steps should assist in getting VPN installed, your PC may have different results/requirements for some of the steps.

Install the Client from this page: https://infotech.wsu.edu/NetworkService/VPN/ClientSetup.aspx
The manual method page has some info if needed. Follow the "Steps to Connect section" on this page: https://infotech.wsu.edu/NetworkService/VPN/VPN.aspx. For Windows 8.1 and 10 use the Windows 8 file.
After initial installation, you will need to locate the "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" application in your applicatons and start it for the first use. Once run, an Icon will be added to your notifications section for subsequent use.
Once fully installed you should have an Icon (the circle in the image below) in the notifications section of your task bar. The Icon may be in the hidden notifications area accessed by clicking on the small arrow in the notifications area. Notifications
Click on the icon to open the connection window: Connect
The server name is: sslvpn.wsu.edu . When you click on "Connect" you should be prompted for your WSU Network ID and Password, to complete the connection.password prompt
You may verify that you are now using the VPN connection here support.mme.wsu.edu/IP.
Once connected all network traffic for WSU will be through the secure VPN server, giving you a WSU IP address for the WSU Pullman campus systems.
To disconnect; again click on the icon (now showing a lock) in the notifications area: Connected
Click on the Disconnect button: Disconnect
The Automatic installation attempt: SSL VPN web page:
This requires a lot of security overides in windows; https://sslvpn.wsu.edu
Thomas Barlow 1957 ME graduate- former president of ASME Thomas Barlow 1957 ME graduate- former president of ASME

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