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Using Windows Remote Desktop from off campus

Background, the campus firewall blocks access to your office PCs remote desktop ports from off campus, requiring you to use the VPN server to get an “on campus” connection.

Ensure that your on-campus PC is ready for Remote Desktop connections.
You must do this at your office PC before you can connect remotely!
  • Press the windows Key, then enter system, you should see something like:
  • Select "System", you should see:
  • Select "Remote Settings" from the left menu, you should see:
  • Make sure "Allow remote connections..." is selected.
  • Get the IP name for your office PC. The IP name of the PC getting this page from support.mme.wsu.edu is ec2-18-212-120-195.compute-1.amazonaws.com. If this IP name ends in .temp.wsu.edu, your PC may not always have the same name, need to check each time you want to use this.
    Be sure you know your login username.
    At the off-campus (Home) PC
    Connect your off-campus PC to the WSU VPN server.
    • See WSU-VPN.html for detailed install instructions.
    • Start the VPN server connecting to "sslvpn.wsu.edu" and enter your WSU network ID and password.
    Connect your off-campus PC to your Office PC.
    • Start "Remote Desktop Connection" on your PC, then enter the IP name for your office PC.
    • You may select several options on the way your PCs will share resources like sound and clipboard. Use "Show Options" to set the options.
    • When you select "Connect" you will be prompted for your username and Password. These are the ones on your office PC, not your WSU network ID.
    • If you select "Remember me" you will not be prompted for username and password on future connections.
    • You will get a warning about the security certificate sent from your office PC. You may continue on to connect to your PC and accept the certificate. You may check the "Don't ask me..." box and not see this again.
    • The desktop of your office PC will appear on your PC.
    • You will use the "Remote Desktop Connection Bar" to control the connection.
    When you finish using the remote computer disconnect both your remote session and your VPN session.

    Troubleshooting VPN and Windows Remote Desktop connections from off campus.

    Verify that you have a network connection
    Connect to several web pages, to be sure, your PC may be caching this page.
    Verify that VPN is working
    Reload this page after you attempt to start VPN.
    You are not using the VPN server, your IP address is: ec2-18-212-120-195.compute-1.amazonaws.com
    The IP now should be something like: sslvpn-xxxxx.vpn.wsu.edu
    Verify correct IP name for remote connection
    This may require someone at the other PC to check the PC and the network.
    Be sure you are using your PC login username and password, not your WSU network ID and password.
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