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Create a new WSU Exchange account

Be sure you have a valid network ID, use this link to setup your Network ID.

Use this link to access ITS's website to setup your exchange acount.

Skype for Business

See the page: http://support.mme.wsu.edu/useful%20bits/SfB.html".

Cached Exchange Mode

  • Turn on/off instructions from support.office.com.
  • Use Cached Exchange Mode to work with items in your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox when your network connection is slow or unavailable. Some calendar updates may be delayed when using cached mode.

View quota information

location of quota checkbox

Checking the "Quota Information option will have Outlook always display the quota information for your account at the left edge of the Status Bar.

Adding a local Data File

New Items>More Items>Outlook Data File...

The steps:

  • Click on "New Items" in the ribbon.
  • Click on "More Items"
  • Click on Outlook Data File
  • Select a location and a PST file name

The new folder is added to your list of folders. You should create new folders in this folder to store your e-mail on your local computer.

Setting Junk Mail Options

Junk Mail

The steps:

  • On the "Home" ribbon, click on the down arrow for "Junk"
  • On the drop down menu select: Junk E-mail Options
  • Select the correct option for your needs.

Fixed Width Fonts for plain text

Fixed Width

The steps

  • On the ribbon select "File"
  • Select "Options"
  • Select "Mail"
  • Select "Stationery and Fonts"
  • Select "Font", find a fixed width font, like "Courier New"
  • OK out of "Stationery and Fonts"
  • Scroll to bottom of Mail settings.
  • In Message format:
    • Clear "Reduce message size by..."
    • Clear "Remove extra line breaks..."
  • "OK" out of it all.
More hints

Open "previous item" on delete/move

  • On the ribbon select "File"
  • Select "Options"
  • Select "Mail"
  • Scroll to bottom
  • In "Other" on the line, "After moving ..., select "open the previous item".
An example of Old energy, MME is working to develop new energy sources.

Follow this link to view all the "sidebars", like the one above, that you may see in this area of our web pages. Each "sidebar" has an interesting detail about the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

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