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The Signature (Logo) images on this page are links to the logo files, do not just copy paste the low resolution images on this page!

The official site for all WSU brand related information is brand.wsu.edu.

WSU signatures, sized to use in word type documents

You will want to save the signatues/logos to your PC for use. All the files have transparent backgrounds, including the white text logos.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) formated files

  • WSU-Logo-Primary_CMYK.png
  • WSU-Logo_Vert-CMYK.png
  • VCEA-WSU-Voiland Engr amp Arch-Logo_Unit2-CMYK.png
  • WSU-Logo_Hrzn-CMYK.png
  • This version has white text
    for use on dark backgrounds: WSU-Logo-Primary_CMYK-201-WHITE.png
  • This version has white text
    for use on dark backgrounds: WSU-Logo_Vert-CMYK.png

Tagged Image File Format (TIF TIFF) formated files

  • WSU-Logo-Primary_CMYK.tif
  • Thumb-WSU-Logo_Vert-CMYK.tif
  • WSU-Voiland Engr amp Arch-Logo_Unit2-CMYK.tif
  • WSU-Logo_Hrzn-CMYK.tif
  • This version has white text
    for use on dark backgrounds: WSU-Logo-Primary_CMYK-201-WHITE.tif
  • This version has white text
    for use on dark backgrounds: WSU-Logo_Vert-CMYK.tif

Powerpoint sized (vector) versions

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) formated files

These are vector defined files and work well in PowerPoint on posters and other large display uses.

Note: Windows PCs want to rename the files to .ps, the files are still EPS just named .ps. You may need to rename the files back to .eps or in applications change the file types displayed when inserting to "all files".

  • WSU-Logo-Primary_CMYK.tif
  • WSU-Logo_Vert-CMYK.eps
  • WSU-Voiland Engr amp Arch-Logo_Unit2-CMYK.eps
  • WSU-Logo_Hrzn-CMYK.eps
  • 2015-WSU Mechanical-Mtrls Engr Unit-1_CMYK.eps
  • 2015-WSU Mechanical-Mtrls Engr Col-2_RGB.eps
  • 2015-WSU Mechanical-Mtrls Engr Col-1_RGB.eps
  • This version has white text
    for use on dark backgrounds: WSU White.tif
  • This version has white text
    for use on dark backgrounds: WSU-Logo_Vert-CMYK.eps

To have PowerPoint display these EPS images cleanly, right click on the image in PowerPoint, select "Edit Picture", then, click on "Yes".


You may download all the WSU logos from https://brand.wsu.edu/visual/logos/. The brand website also has all the restrictions for the use of the Logos. This page has an index to the signatures in the downloadable zip file.

New Brand Elements Press Release

Published on February 28, 2014

WSU’s brand elements have been refreshed and are now available via University Communications’ brand.wsu.edu website. With both refinements for greater readability as well as for greater flexibility, the refreshed elements include logos, a new color palette, as well as standards to guide users in the implementation and consistent application of WSU’s brand. The brand site includes information for both written and visual communications.

Questions about the use of the brand elements should be emailed to brand@lists.wsu.edu.


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