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Keysight has new firmware (1.17-1.12-2) for the 34972A that fixes the Java security problem.

The USB update procedure involves placing the following files on to the USB flash drive, not all USB flash drives will work with the 34972A:
  • Create a folder named 34972A at the root of the USB flash drive.
  • Create a folder named /34972A/data also.
  • Copy NK.bin and build.xml files into the /34972A folder on the USB flash drive. You may need to right-click on the files to download them.
Insert USB drive in USB slot on back of 34972A, "MEM" should light on the display. If you get an error (458 External USB drive is inaccessible), you will need to try a different USB drive.
From the front panel:
  • Press Shift
  • Press Interface
  • Turn knob for "USB Drive"; Press Interface
  • Turn knob for "Update Firmware"; press Interface
  • Turn knob for "Update if New"; press Interface
34972A should display UPDATING for about a minute, then restart.

Work around

Java's security may block access to the applet from the 34972A, to allow the applet to run you need to add the 34972A to the Java exceptions list in your PC.
If you are seeing this, follow these guidelines.
These instructions were current as of September 22, 2015 and Java Version 8 Update 60.
Open the "Security" tab on the Java Control Panel, see the page http://www.java.com/en/download/help/win_controlpanel.xml for instructions to open the control panel on your PC.
Select "Edit Site List..."
Select Add, then enter the URL for your 34972A, as in the example.
Select "OK", and "OK", then close the Control Panel.
Your Web browser and Java should now be allowed to display the control applet:Applet
Second option
You may also directly edit the exceptions list in the file: C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\security\exception.sites
List one site per line, use the complete URL. Example: http://lix-82.mme.wsu.edu/
This method would be useful to enter a large number of exceptions to a PC.
Thomas Barlow 1957 ME graduate- former president of ASME Thomas Barlow 1957 ME graduate- former president of ASME

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