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MME controls several special purpose rooms. Faculty and Staff may use these pages to schedule these rooms.

BuildingRoomNormal FunctionCapacityLists of Schedules
Sloan 245Conference room34Use Outlook
Sloan 249ME 116 CAD32 PCsschedule
EE/ME 152CAD lab18 PCs
18 table/chair
EE/ME 154Design lab2 PCs
32 desk/chair
ETRLM7ME 406 classroom30Use Outlook


All schedules are subject to change by the MME office. The office staff will use the information submitted when scheduling to inform requestors of changes.

If an event has already been scheduled for a room a schedule for the week will be listed on the "List of Schedules" linked above and on the left menu. If nothing has yet been scheduled for a week no schedule will be listed. To make the first schedule for a week you will need to use the "Schedule" link for the room.

Recurring schedules may also be made using the schedule form.

Schedule Request form usage notes

New activity form

  • The form opens with the current date selected, the start date will be today, the end date will be seven days later.
  • The day of week check boxes determine with dates will be scheduled. Example, if you want the room next Tuesday, just check the TUE box and clear today's box. To schedule a meeting every week you may set the end date weeks, or months in the future and then every week will be updated.
  • Enter your data as needed, please use a valid e-mail address so we can get back to you if needed.
  • The LABEL information is what will be printed on the printed schedule.
  • The purpose will be logged so we can track the type of use the room gets.
  • The "Clear" check box works in conjunction with the "Replace" option on the Conflicts line. Use this to remove a meeting.
  • Conflicts: The program checks to see if your new meeting conflicts with any existing meetings. You use these options to resolve the conflicts.
    • REPORT: Just be told about the conflict, the schedule is not changed, this is the best first choice.
    • APPEND: To append your LABEL to the existing LABEL, This option is rarely needed. This would allow double booking or adding to a LABEL.
    • REPLACE: to replace the existing LABEL with your new label, required to clear a time.
    Normally leaving it as "REPORT" is the best choice, and only change if needed. A message is printed for each action taken as the schedule is updated.

Update Schedule form

  • There is a form for each week that has something scheduled.
  • There is a check box for each half hour time period on the schedule.
  • Use the check boxes to add your LABEL to the schedule.
  • Clearing and Conflicts work as with the new schedule form.

EE/ME Building

MME has faculty offices, research and design labs in EE/ME

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