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Office 365 is coming to WSU!
The Office 365 Project is a strategic realignment of single sign on (SSO), email and new service offerings for employees and students.
Read more about the project at: http://office365project.it.wsu.edu/
More information on this should be coming soon.
A few more FAQs
  • Q: May the 5 copies be installed on privately owned devices or only WSU devices? A:Yes, any 5 devices may be used, including privately owned devices.
  • Q: May Office be used for non WSU related activities? A: Yes, Office may be used for non WSU related activites.
  • Q: Do WSU owned office PCs count against the 5 devices? A: Yes, if you use one of your 5 to load Office on an office PC it counts against your 5 device count.
  • Q: May family members use the products on home computers? A: No, family members need to have their own Network ID and password to get authorization to use the products.
A few more warnings
  • If you are or were recently both staff and student, as IT transitions your student e-mail into your staff e-mail you will see expected abnormal behavior. IT recommends that you make changes in your Office 365 account:
    • Below are the steps Mary used to get her e-mail to forward to Outlook.
      1. Go to Office365.wsu.edu
      2. Log in, then click "Settings (gear icon)" -> “Options”
      3. In the left toolbar, under Accounts, click on Forwarding
      4. Choose “start forwarding” then under “forward my email to”, type in the part of their email address that comes before the @, then end it with ad.wsu.edu (so for my email, I typed mbsimon@ad.wsu.edu)
      5. If you want to keep a copy of forwarded messages, check that box
      6. Click Save, then click on the little man icon in the upper right to log out, you account should be fixed.
      As always, your experience may be different.
    • You may need to contact CougTech for help on the Office 365 account.
Thomas Barlow 1957 ME graduate- former president of ASME Thomas Barlow 1957 ME graduate- former president of ASME

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