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Information about MME's faculty and staff can be found on the PEOPLE page.

Password Reset
Passwords expire after 180 days.
Don't wait for your password to expire, change your password when you have time to reset all your wireless device passwords.
https://reset.wsu.edu/Home/Index reset your WSU NID password. This is for MyWSU, e-mail, wireless access, and most university password protected websites.
You may also follow the menus "Main Menu>My Profile>Change My Password" in MyWSU.
Office 365 is available to WSU Faculty, Staff, and Students!
Connect is now Office365 e-mail.
The Office 365 Project is a strategic realignment of single sign on (SSO), email and new service offerings for employees and students.
E-Mail changes status page: https://its.wsu.edu/office365-project-status/
April 2017 website: https://its.wsu.edu/o365/
December 2016 website: https://its.wsu.edu/Office-365/
Run Office products online: office365.wsu.edu. Will prompt for your WSU NID and password.
Office 365 ProPlus Installation hints
  • Default version will be 32 bit, for 64 bit; select "Other installs" > "Advanced". In select box, select 64 bit.
  • When setting up Outlook Mail, e-mail address is "netid@wsu.edu" account is "netid", you may need to select other account to enter account info.
  • You will need to activate your subscription using your WSU network ID and password.
A few more FAQs
  • Q: May the 5 copies be installed on privately owned devices or only WSU devices? A: Yes, any 5 devices may be used, including privately owned devices.
  • Q: May Office be used for non WSU related activities? A: Yes, Office may be used for non WSU related activities.
  • Q: Do WSU owned office PCs count against the 5 devices? A: Yes, if you use one of your 5 to load Office on an office PC it counts against your 5 device count.
  • Q: May family members use the products on home computers? A: No, family members need to have their own Network ID and password to get authorization to use the products.
A few more warnings and hints for e-mail related to your student and staff status.
Dial 7 for off campus calls.
Telephone Services and Information
Rings (Custom ring tones may change this):
  • Series of single ring tones -> on campus caller
  • Series of double ring tones -> off campus caller
Press "Details" soft key, to view caller number instead of displayed text when ringing.
Mailing and Shipping: https://mme.wsu.edu/contact/
Buildings: Addresses
Links to CEA purchasing and travel forms, with dates.
Purchasing or travel get from: CEA web site.
WSU websites
WSU Labs WordPress websites.
  • WSU faculty may request a WordPress website on the WSU labs.wsu.edu web server.
  • List of Labs websites is at labs.wsu.edu
  • You may request your own website at: labs.wsu.edu/register
Connect is now Office365 e-mail.
https://connect.wsu.edu The Outlook Web Access (OWA) site for WSU's Exchange server. Note: Your "domain" is "ad" your username is your WSU Network ID; example: ad\Joe_Coug
https://reset.wsu.edu/Home/Index reset your WSU NID password.
Academic Media Services
ITS repair request
Change Exchange Display Name
Recover deleted e-mail
WSU ALERT page with campus status. WSU ALERT telephone hotline 509-335-2345
Payroll Services web pbs site menu.
A-Z index
WSU Faculty page
Campus Safety Plan
Office of Emergency Management
Fire Marshal's office 5-4929 WSU Police and Safety Contacts
WSU Purchasing web site
WSU Purchasing Computers Links

If you need something added to this page, please contact Michael Shook 5-3231.

Students in MSE lab examine materials Students in MSE lab examine materials

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Staff Calendar
Today is Sat Jan 22, 2022
For Pullman today:
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  Sunset:  04:38 pm PST
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  Sunset:  04:40 pm PST
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