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This page lists the various options available on the faculty "detailed information" or "Bio-Page" web pages, on the MME website. This is a link to an example page with most of the options, showing the display order.

The "detailed information" page has several sections, not all sections may be used on the same page. The faculty member will need to provide details for the optional sections.

The Sections

  • Top of page banner: example
    1. Full name
    2. Academic rank/title, long titles are on a second line. Example showing a long title.
    3. Optionally, additional titles may be added in this section. Example showing additional titles.
  • Photograph, with link to high resolution image.
  • Contact Information
    1. Office
    2. Telephone number
    3. E-mail address
    4. Postal mail address
    5. FAX number (Optional)
    6. Link(s) to research web sites (Optional) example
    Items 1 - 4 are included by staff for all faculty as the page is setup. Items 5 and 6 are optional and may be requested by the individual.
  • An Optional additional titles section is available below the picture and contact information. example
  • The next required section starts with the year the individual joined MME, followed by their terminal degree. Other optional information may also be included in this section if desired.
  • The next optional section lists interests, example this should be kept current, The following titles are available:
    1. Teaching Interests:[TEACHING:]
    2. Interests:[INTRESTS:]
    3. Research Interests:[RESEARCH:] this list is also on the research interests page in the research section of the website.
    4. Teaching Interests:[TEACH-II:] this is used if you need teaching below research.
    If more than one used, the display order is as listed.
  • The next optional section is for Awards, Affiliations, and Recognitions, example, the headings are:
    1. "National & International Recognition:" lists major awards and prestigious memberships. These items are also used on the awards page in the website.
    2. "Affiliations and Awards" lists minor memberships and awards.
    3. "Recognition:" for appropriate recognitions
  • The next section is for Publications, example, six optional subsections are available:
    1. Significant
    2. Recommended
    3. Selected
    4. Recent
    5. A custom publications list- external programing required
    6. "Listed at Google Scholar", this opt-out section will be included if available and the faculty have not opted-out.
    All of these are optional and all or none may be used. They will display in the order listed here. It is recommended that you have a "Recommended" or "Significant" list in addition to the "Listed at Google..." list.
  • Another optional section is available here, any section label may be used.
  • The next section is for link(s), example, a link to a CV.pdf file, if one is present, and any optional links to other websites.
  • And one last optional section is available below the links that may be used if needed. Any heading may be used. This example has the three general use optional sections. These general use sections require coding in html, these sections should be limited to special cases.

The faculty brief biographical pages are generated from data files when the web page is requested by a browser, the information in the data files is also used on other web pages. The brief faculty biographical pages are not intended to be faculty websites, just short biographical pages with the brief biographical information on our faculty.


The pages linked below are the examples of the various sections

  • Minimum; no options used.
  • Most; almost all options used.
  • Common; options used.
  • Awards; minimal with awards.
  • Extras; minimal with the extra sections.
  • Interests; minimal with the interest sections.
  • Links; minimal with the links sections.
  • Long Title; minimal with a long title.
  • Titles; minimal with the extra title sections.
  • Publications; minimal with the publication sections.


Suggestions for additions are always welcome, some may take longer to implement than others. Please send your suggestions for the pages to Michael Shook at shook@wsu.edu.

An example of Old energy, MME is working to develop new energy sources.

Follow this link to view all the "sidebars", like the one above, that you may see in this area of our web pages. Each "sidebar" has an interesting detail about the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

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